Take some classic rock 70's guitar stylings with a hint of rockabilly, add a little punk attitude, throw in some r&b and funk swagger, top it off with some sexy new orleans swing and spice, then add a little dirty blues edge, bring it all to a boil in a big ol' bubbling voodoo brew, and you'd have yourself this monster swinging alt rock band called Amberola, named after Thomas Edison's internal horn cylinder phonograph the Edison Amberola.

Hailing from the small town of Mission BC, Canada, nestled along the banks of the mighty Fraser River, the last stop on the highway heading East out of Vancouver to buy gas and beer, before the roads head into pristine farmlands, fishing spots, and snow capped mountains, The band is the brain child and vision of Rick Speke, and was formed from the ashes of the Whiskey Kings, a band that singer songwriter Rick Speke, drummer Corey "McFly" McPherson and bassist Dave "Carlos" Black were in.

Amberola debuted to an overwhelmingly positive response on Halloween 2015 at the Legendary Railway Club in Vancouver, under the impromptu name "100 Proof" joined by Rob Breti on guitar, and Jeff Redman on keyboards. A few more gigs and a lot of songwriting would follow, and then on March 5,2017, Amberola's self produced debut EP "Rock n Rolla" was released, featuring 5 upbeat, rhythmic, swinging, rock n roll songs, all written, recorded, mastered and produced by Rick Speke. Since its release the album has been added to the playlists of independent and Canadian college radio stations such as CFUR, CITR, CIVL and CJAM. The first single "The Never Ending" from the EP had previously been picked up by a music placement agency in Los Angeles and used for a pilot episode of a TV series called Family Values, which unfortunately never aired, but was just recently placed in the movie "Under the Silver Lake" starring Andrew Garfield, Riley Keough and Topher Grace, to be released in theaters sometime in 2018. Jamie Robash of Divide and Conquer described The Never Ending as "a dark and twangy stutter step of alt country. Its tone and dark lyricism suggest the dissolution of a romantic relationship and the unraveling of its singer. Here some haunting backing vocals and keys help to add an intense, moody darkness to the songs otherwise upbeat guitar and drum pace."

Since the release of the EP Amberola played the Summer Festival circuit with the highlights of performing at the City of Surrey Fusion Festival headlined by Nelly Furtado, along with other notable performers as The Zolas and Classified. Headlining Sundays festivities at the Maple Ridge Country Music Festival, and opening for Canadian guitar legend and multi Juno nominee David Gogo at the MNET Radio Music Festival. Lance Shilka of MNET Radio described the performance this way, "Amberola rocked the crowd! What a high energy musical experience. I guess thats why your CD's sold out! Rock n Rolla baby!"

Currently Amberola is finishing work on their second EP,  playing the occasional show, and gearing up for next years Summer Festival circuit.